Oct 11, 2013

Two years down the road

Wanted to blog this for awhile, but didn't get the mood right and doesn't have time for blogging session.
Take this opportunity to write it down...at least to let go abit before officially exploded.... 

4 years ago before joining O, i was in R.a company which have complex organization hireachy where i was reported to AM, Manager and DMM. I've no problem reporting to multiple bosses.... to me i only need to report to my direct boss which is AM. But things goes blardy wrong where all this so called bosses are giving all sort of opinion of the same task which the direction is different from one to another.... To put in some example,

Let's say, we are doing on some evaluation where there are ~20 DOEs need to be done.
AM said: Focus on 10 top DOEs, the rest of DOEs is not particularly related in such a way
M said: You cannot ignore the other 10 DOEs as well. Please do as well
DMM said: Do you look into other perspective? which is 2 (perspectives) x 20 DOEs
Which mean, now after getting all their opinions... I've to do it all
Come guys... you're blardy hell experience which are high paid exec and you proposing all the DOEs to be done? What a joke... then may as well hire a fresh grad which also can propose same stuff like what you did.
To put it in short... these bosses are giving all sort of opinion and direction which make me goes haywire. With this kinda management, I left with exactly 2years experience in my bag...
(Remark: I have a good direct superior where he gave the freedom to run the show and provide guidance at critical times)

Took a huge gamble, i went from a superior who let me run the show myself to a lady superior which is of the type of micro managed. Didn't go well with her, couple with the culture and work environment.... i find it hard to adapt, became a little passive and defensive.... Decision which i made was questionable from head to toe (micro managed) and she's pretty much interested on the process rather than the final result... my confidence dipped drastically and work get dragged for long (bad impression)
A little bit of re-org, i've to report to her deputy but yet it doesn't seem like direct reporting.... all system signature still need to go thru her and all work stuff still need to report to her... So now i have to report the same issue or finding or whatever info to both of them... If their direction and opinion is different, do i need to do double work? and it's more like redundant to review with both persons when only the higher one need to put the signature in it  I'm feeling like I'm dwelling back to the situation when i was in R... I've to bring this up and maybe it's time to pull the plug again!!!

Angry Employer

Sep 26, 2011

CW~39 - Turning Point

One of my lowest week in my career for OSRAM. Everything didn't go accordingly and work is piling up!! environment here don't suit me well as it's quite dull. People are friendly to the extent that when they need your help.... and not because they appreciate you as their friend or colleague. When you're expecting something from them, they can't really give you everything... I guess this is reality where we need to face this from the society. I may come to a point that i might give up everything.

I've came back blogging as i know FB is not a medium for me to release my anger my thought. I lost my football gang, lost my smile, my craziness, my humor, my creativity on the day i left you.

Mar 20, 2011

Isn't she Gorgeous?


Feb 24, 2011

Good-de-bye Pei Shoo

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

Oct 3, 2010

BenDan Opening Soon

~Signing Off~

Feb 17, 2010


Did the title drag you here?
Sure wanna find out what can TS write using mandarin?
Look down on me that i can deliver a chinese entry?

But after listen a few times, i guess this is a sad love song (there's sadness aura in her song). This song has it's soul, great one.

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Jan 1, 2010

Ver. 2.010 New Year

Nothing much need to change from the old ver. 2.009... just maybe change some fonts and add some loops into the program.

Have you ever wish for a simple stuff like sleep well? sleeping problem is not much of my concern during my studies years but now i found it quite difficult to sleep well till the next morning. It's not insomnia, hmmm maybe is it... always woke up in middle of my sleep... damn!!
SO it's obvious what i would wish for 2010.

BTW, i came across a radio talk programme about this topic:
" Are you enjoying Life? or Life are enjoying you? "
Guess what!! i google for it and found out that there's a survey stating that
95% of asian are not enjoying their Life.

So what the characteristic of those who let "Life enjoying yourself "
1) Long working hour ( most of asian spend 12hours working , 2hours stuck at jam, 8hrs sleeping and another 2 hrs wasted for nothing)
2) Asian tend to chase for branded product most of the time ( work like hell just to buy a LV bag)
3) Asian tend to restrict their cash flow by bonding themselves for long term commitment such as buying car and house.
4) Most of Asian's popular entertainments are related to gambling ( TOTO, MAGNUM and GENTING and MACAU ) Singapore is going to join the bandwagon soon.

Asian are such a greedy creatures that present situation couldn't satisfy itself.

So quote of the century from my senior colleague:
(Age: 23-38) "We are fucking slaves who work for BANK"
(Age: 39-58) " We are slaves who work for BANK and FAMILY "
(Age: 59-death) "We are slaves who work for Doctors and Hospitals"